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The materials on this page are available for anyone to use for the purpose of self education.  For any other purpose, you must seek Roy's permission first.

Materials for Courses Taught at IIT, May 2022

This year, like last year, the courses will be taught via Microsoft Teams.  As usual, they are open to everyone.  However, in order for you to participate, it will be necessary for you to contact Roy via his IIT email ( if you wish to attend because the links for the classes will not be made public.  Do this at least two days before the start of the course.  University of Genoa students wishing to earn credits for taking these courses should both register in the usual way via the University's website and send an email to Roy.  Students at other universities who wish to earn credits must discuss the matter with their own course coordinator in order to obtain approval, but, of course, are welcome to attend anyway.  Attendance certificates will be issued to those who need them.

Introduction to Spatial (6D) Vectors

Computational Robot Dynamics

In both courses, you will be expected to solve problems during the classes, so remember to have pen/pencil and paper ready.  In the second course, you will also be expected to write a few small Matlab (or GNU Octave) functions using the library Spatial_v2.

A Tutorial for Beginners

Some Books and Papers

More Stuff on Spatial Vectors and Dynamics

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Last modified:  May 2022
Author:  Roy Featherstone